Why should you become a member of the Fondy Esports Club?

There are so many reasons!

You would receive reduced rates every time you visit us
For example a Day Pass is normally $20, but a Club Member's cost is only $15!

Invited to Special Events
Every month we invite members to special events like "Member Appreciation Night"

Join an Esports Team
The Fondy Esports Club is now forming 4 different teams and looking for gamers to compete in games like Fortnite, Rocket League, Overwatch, League of Legends and Smash. If you would like to be part of an actual team and have regular matches scheduled, this club is for you!

Esports Team Shirts
Have you ever seen those sick Esports Shirts that gamers wear? Coming soon our Club Members will be wearing the same shirts where you will have your team's logo and your username on the back!  Something like this:

Reserve Equipment in Advance
As a Club Member, if you are coming out and bringing a group of friends, you can call in advance and reserve equipment ensuring everybody has a great time!


Join Our Esports Club Now!