Luedtke Family opens Game On Fond du Lac

The Largest Gaming Center and only Esports Arena in Wisconsin!

The National Federation of State High Schools is now sanctioning Esports, the same as other traditional high school sports.

More than 27,000,000 gamers world-wide watched the recent League of Legends tournament online.

Colleges are offering scholarships to students to play on their Esports teams in addition to bachelors degrees in video game design.

A recent Dota II tournament had a prize pool of $18,000,000.

Professional Esports team members are earning in excess of $2,000,000 a year.

Esports is real and Esports is here to stay.

Tim and Melissa Luedtke, along with their sons Steele and Brock are owners of the new gaming center, Game On Fond du Lac.

The Luedtke’s, who previous owned the bowling alley Dine-N-Bowl in Mt. Calvary and Sweet Wheels Concessions, thought this would be another worth-while family business. “We see the future of Esports.

When our grandparents were young, radio was the thing. When our parents were growing up, TV was new. When I was in my teens in the 80’s, I spent my time watching movies and my wife says she spent her teens talking to friends on the phone.

Today, our kids choose to watch YouTube, play video games or stream on Twitch. This is their thing.” Esports is one of the few sports where participants of any age and gender can compete against one another. It allows people with special needs to participate in the same games. Instead of gamers at home in the basement screaming at each other through headsets, having a local Esports center to go to, will allow gamers to talk, compete and share strategies with each other in a positive environment.

Located at 319 Winnebago Dr. in Fond du Lac (close to A&W), this gaming center has over 40 Gaming PC’s, Xbox, PS4’s and Switches all loaded with the newest and greatest video games, with more equipment being added all the time. Some of the recent games are Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Spiderman and Forza 4. “We wanted to create a gaming center that is friendly for all ages and types of players” said Tim Luedtke. “We have PC’s for the more hardcore gamers and consoles for the casual. There is a Lil’ Gamers area for the up and coming players with Atari and Super NES games. There are also B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Computer/Console) areas where you can bring in your own equipment and connect to our high-speed fiber optic internet giving you the lowest ping around.

Guests pay by the hour to play games or there is a Day Pass option. If you are a more serious gamer, Game On will be the host and organizer of Fondy’s Esports Club. Memberships are available which provide discounted rates, invites to special events, regular drawings for gaming swag, and access to Fondy’s Esports Arena (coming soon). Individual Memberships are only $25 and Family Memberships are just $50 for 6 months. “Our goal was to give the gaming community a reason to get out of their basements and come together, play and learn from each” Luedtke said. “Also, we were tired of hearing how boring Fond du Lac is and there is nothing for kids to do. Now there is.”

Tournaments are underway for games like Fortnite and Overwatch. Like us on to get details on the next tournament dates and times. Leagues will also be created in the near future for Rocket League, Dota II, Counter Strike and League of Legends. “If there is a group of gamers, no matter what the game is, that is interested in having regular events, just let us know. That is what we are here for.”

Game On is a great venue for birthday parties for kids, hangout’s for teens and serious Esports competitions. We look forward to providing you a unique, one of a kind gaming experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Wisconsin. Game On!


Game On Owners

Brock, Tim, Melissa and Steele Luedtke